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Wyoming All Breeds Racing Association
About Us


The Wyoming All Breeds Racing Association was founded in 1982. It was a part of the Wyoming Quarter Horse Association until1986 when it split to focus on racing. At that time it reorganized to represent all breeds - Quarter Horse, Paint, Thoroughbred, and Appaloosa.

It is a membership based organization with 15 board members elected by the membership. The directors elect a chairman, vice-chairman and members to serve on the executive committee. An annual membership meeting is held in the fall each year in conjunction with the Awards Program.


Membership Services:

  • Manage the Wyoming Bred Registry

  • Is the only race affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association in Wyoming

  • Sponsor Wyoming Bred Futurity and Wyoming Bred Derby races

  • Offer a Youth Racing Experience

  • Sponsor scholarships for Wyoming youth

  • Sponsor a web site

  • Present year end awards to breed champions and leading trainer, breeder, and jockey of Wyoming Breds

  • Tabulate points for the Wyoming Bred purse fund

Mission and Purpose
  • To promote and protect the interests of horsemen in Wyoming.

  • Increase live racing opportunities.

  • Enhance breeders incentives.

  • Represent horsemen's interests to the commission and legislature.

  • Increase added money for purses.

  • Promote involvement in the sport of horse racing.